Welcome To My Website

Hello! I'm Jordan,

I have a broad set of technical skills, including engineering, basic mathematics, logic and web design. I am currently drawing up a CAD Model Replica of Dunlop Systems in Coventry.

Well, here I am writing about myself again. I am just an average Joe Bloggs, who has some spare time to do, well many things. one of the main ones are creating websites, I find it a breeze due to the knowledge I have picked up. I do use templates and edit them so much, you would not recognise it.

That’s not the only thing I am good at, I also have amazing photography skills, that I have used to create websites along with other things as well.
I have also grown up around Microsoft Office and know the in’s and outs of most of it’s functions that is needed for day to day things.

I am slightly autistic and have ADHD, I have never let my Disability get the better of me. It is all thanks to how I was supported at my secondary school, Exhall Grange. They helped me get what I needed to learn and understand tasks.

Quite a while ago now, I did a video of how Exhall Grange School has helped me get into employment and how I was supported. Doing this video has helped me boost my confidence and become able to talk to new people. I believe this has opened me view up on the world. I believe this is a brave step for me. I am not normally one for challenging myself but it is always good to change.