It is a job with training. Being an apprentice means that you have a job that includes gaining recognised qualifications and essential skills whilst you are working and earning a wage.
This shows all of the apprenticeships that I have completed along with other information.

How Exhall Grange School supported me.

2 weeks ago I did a video of how Exhall Grange School has helped me get into employment and how I was supported. Doing this video has helped me boost my confidence and become able to talk to new people. I believe this has opened me up a bit, I am not normally one for...

Apprenticeship @ Dunlop Systems & Components

I am currently doing a 1-year Apprenticeship at Dunlop Systems and Components in Coventry, doing a Level 2 Highfield Business Administration. This mainly consists of lots of paperwork and super cool CAD Drawings. I haven’t drawn anything spectacular yet, but...