Successful Apprentices – Warwickshire County Council Good News Story

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The Apprentices work Monday to Thursday 6:45 – 16:30.

“Dunlop Systems & Components Ltd (DSC) have a close link with Exhall Grange Specialist School due to their close proximity to the factory.  Jordan and Charlotte initially joined DSC for a period of work experience in which they were able to show us their abilities and this led to DSC offering an apprenticeship to them.

This has been very successful, and I cannot express enough how beneficial to the business Charlotte and Jordan have been. They have both grown into the role of fully fledged valuable employees”. Vicki Goldsmith, HR Director

Jordan is an apprentice in the Production Engineering Department; he is managed by Mark Statham.  When Jordan arrives for work in the morning he will look at the Departmental Jobs List to see which team needs his support.  His duties can include;

Contributing to the Standard Operations manual


  • Helping to design new product tools
  • Assessing broken equipment for replacement or repair
  • Checking the safety of products
  • CAD


Jordan said that he feels really grateful to have had the opportunity to work for Dunlop Systems and Components.  This was all made possible due to his school work experience placement.  The work is interesting as every day is different.  Jordan said that he will complete his Level 2 Apprenticeship qualification in Business and Admin, he will then progress onto a Level 3 qualification that will be engineering based, he hopes to continue his career with Dunlop.  Jordan is learning to drive and hopes to travel to work independently soon.

Jordan’s Manager is very pleased with the contribution that Jordan brings to the team,

“Jordan has fitted in very well with the existing PED Team in a very short space of time.  He has also helped existing members of the team develop their own personal skills such as communication.  He is always hungry for work and has already started to be pro-active and complete simple job requests before being asked by his manager, and regularly supports other team members to achieve their own tasks. Jordan plays such a vital role in PED, that I consider Jordan to be a fully active member and not just an apprentice”.  Mark Statham, Production Engineering Dept Manager.

Written by: Tina Chamberlain,
Post 16 Plan Co-ordinator


Apprenticeship Presentation with Exhall Grange School

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Today we did a presentation to a group of students learning Business administration, telling them what to expect leaving school, what we struggle to do ( answering phone calls) and how we overcome our fears.

We laid out the boardroom room for us to use and adapt to the need we needed. We also showed them a variety of business document e.g. Standard Operation, FMEA and sales orders. I believe the students went away knowing what an apprenticeship is and what you can achieve if and when you put your mind to it. I was a real pleasure to show them what I have done and what I intend to do in the future.


Apprenticeship @ Dunlop Systems & Components

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Dunlop Systems and Components Company Logo

I am currently doing a 1-year Apprenticeship at Dunlop Systems and Components in Coventry, doing a Level 2 Highfield Business Administration. This mainly consists of lots of paperwork and super cool CAD Drawings. I haven’t drawn anything spectacular yet, but there is still time as I am still learning.

I have created index’s and databases for Important documentation using my Microsoft Office know how and have been generating Small CAD GA’s for this company, I hope to improve my skills and show them in the future. I am always keen to learn new skills and enjoy new challenges and I hope to progress further.