Showing the Basics of SolidWorks

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Today we had someone doing Work Experience in the PED Dept.
I have helped him copy a pencil pot to CAD. I was showing him how to do the basics on SolidWorks, changing the diameters using Smart Dimension and chamfers.
I have to admit I was really Impressed how quickly he picked up the Vernier and got straight to work. I was impressed with his skills of mating the items together using tangents and chords.
The work is available to download by clicking here!

Grave Pot

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I have been using Solidworks for the past 2 years now and finding it rather easy, above was a mini project that someone gave me, it’s a flower pot for a grave. I know exciting right? Well, it is actually harder than you think, this is assembled in 3 parts a bottom plate, cylinder and the top holes plate. You can download the template here.

To do this I had to extrude the cylinder and then inside it make an extrude cut 5mm smaller to give the walls a thickness of 5mm.