Kapela – Website

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I started learning base guitar, Kapela was just getting together, they have played alot of local places, Greaves Club, Stratford and loads of other places. The list honestly goes on…

Anywho it was a band that wanted to look professional, they wanted a website that needed to show who the band it and what they song and do. Along with who they actually are. You can view the site @ https://www.kapela.co.uk/

Greaves Club

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Made on WordPress and edited bits php coding

I have designed and created websites for Greaves Club, Which is snug in the village of Bishops Itchington. This was done using WordPress and uses an Ajax Chat plugin called Wise Chat. Works Wonders for the local community! I also added a News ticker to allow the community know what is going on in their village. Afterwards, I added Facebook Chat to allow potential customers to easily get the information need quickly.

You can view this website @ www.greavesclub.com


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This was a huge task as when I was young I loved the concept of becoming an all-star YouTuber, I first off making it from a basic HTML code that I learnt from my school. Took me about 5-6 months to put together and it worked,

But I wanted it to stand out and look neater and accessible to other people so with the help of some of my friends I taught myself how to use WordPress and PHP coding. Hard I know, but useful. You can see the new site @ http://sparkgaming365.com